Raffles Street Dance

photo by Chloe Tan of Raffles Photographers



An often too-loud bunch, all street dancers share the same love for dance and are not afraid to express that, whether through casual head bobbing on the way to class or fancy footwork while sidestepping the crowd in the canteen. As dancers, we’ve come to understand that dance is much more than movements on stage; countless hours of blood, sweat and tears go into each performance. In each dancer, you’ll find that steely determination to improve and work hard, not just for himself/herself, but for the group as a whole. We’ve learnt to push ourselves to the limit, both physically and mentally, and as scary as that sounds, it definitely pays off when we watch our performance videos and see how far we’ve come.

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Teacher Mentors

Miss Ng Siew Cheng
Ms Leow Pey Yee

Achievements & Highlights

2018 Dance Showcase: Breakthrough
Breakthrough represents Raffles Street Dance’s transformation from separate individuals who are passionate about dance, into a team of dancers. Relentlessly pursuing common goals, the dancers gradually grow as artists undeterred by physical and mental barriers.

2018 RSD Dance Battle
An inaugural street dance battle that pits the dancers against each other in a series of dance-offs.