Raffles Ultimate


What is Ultimate? It is running after 175g of plastic on a muddy field. It is screaming your lungs out as you see your teammates chasing that same plastic disc. To some, it is a performing art. But to us, it is a physical sport, a mental sport, but most importantly a team sport.

Ultimate Frisbee relies upon a spirit of sportsmanship that places the responsibility of fair play on the players themselves. This is why our games are fully self-refereed, something which is unique to this particular sport. Players are expected to uphold the spirit of the game and adhere to the rules, and all calls are made and agreed upon by the players themselves. This is only possible because of our love for the game, our belief that Ultimate is so much more than just winning.

Teacher Mentors

Mdm Tan Geok Choo
Ms Felicia Seah

Achievements And Highlights

14th Inter-JC Ultimate Championships