Raffles Ultimate

photo by Tian Ruiying of Raffles Photographers



Walk past the amphitheater on any given day and you may find some of us indulging in our favourite past time: a scrim! We’re loud, and probably even rowdy. If you’re not one of us, it might seem as if we are engaging in an unfulfilling, meaningless activity that you have very little interest in. But that’s not the case; as individuals, we may not look like much, but as Ultimate players, we are so much more. We are a family of individuals driven by our passion for the sport to give it our best in every game we play.

Unlike other sports, Ultimate is self-refereed, making it distinct and unique from other sports. It relies upon what is known as the Spirit of the Game, where every Ultimate player is trusted to uphold the values and responsibility of fair play and sportsmanship. Ultimate cultivates players to truly embody the morals and integrity of a sport, instead of solely thinking of winning.

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Teacher Mentors

Mdm Tan Geok Choo
Ms Leong Yin Yin

Achievements & Highlights

14th Inter-JC Ultimate Championships