Raffles Economics and Current Affairs Society

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RECAS is a very small and close-knit community with strong sense of camaraderie between its members. We provide a safe learning environment for you to voice your views and ask questions without the fear of being disparaged. Regardless of whether you have an inclination to read more about economics, or have a keen interest in world affairs, or simply need an easily accessible source to satisfy your GP needs, we’ve got you covered. Every week, selected members will share more about a topic with anything from presentations, to interesting clips, to jeopardy-style quizzes and games, and even field trips (Just as an example, we visited the parliament this year). With our wide scope of content, members can freely explore what they are interested in. Moreover, being a student-directed CCA, we enjoy a rare degree of autonomy which allows our members to weigh in on the planning of all of our sessions and activities.

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Teacher Mentors

Mrs Magdalen Low

Achievements & Highlights

Under the Macroscope
A weekly digest of current affairs and economic news

NTU Current Affairs Society Challenge 2018

28th National Economics and Financial Management Challenge (NEFMC 2018)

Human [email protected]
service activity to create through dialogue, positive experiences and mutual respect amongst RI students and members from marginalised parts of our community