Recreational Badminton

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Few CCAs in Year 5-6 provide play, laughter and joy. Fewer allow you to develop your own skills at your own leisurely pace, while providing you with the resources and the opportunity to do so without any pressure to win any trophies or meet any targets except the ones you set for yourself (other than 70% attendance of course). Even fewer CCAs have a rather large member base, allowing you to get to know many different individuals of various backgrounds. But only one such CCAs is a sports CCA.

Hint: Recreational Badminton.

While every individual has their own targets and own goals to accomplish at the end of the journey, there will be wonderful teammates with you every step of the way. Be it giving you feedback on your strokes, playing a friendly match with or against you, or even going out for a quick snack after training – you will bond with your batchmates over sweat, not so much tears and blood (hopefully). With our large membership base, you are sure to find someone here you’ll click with!



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