REN (Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network)

REN Btach of 2019-2020 - Original



Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Disruptive industries. People keep throwing around these big buzzwords to talk about the most trending startups, to describe the biggest visionaries and tech geniuses. But what does it really mean to be an entrepreneur? Here at Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network, we don’t believe in defining 'entrepreneurship' for you. Instead, we choose to give you the best opportunities to be an entrepreneur and define this elusive term yourself, and here are just some of them!



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Teacher Mentors

Ms Amelia Heng
Mrs Michelle Chan
Ms Stacy Tan

Achievements & Highlights

Junior Achievement Company of the Year Award 2018 (JA COY 2018)

Youth Innovation Challenge (YIC 2018)

Social Innovation Relay (SIR 2018)
1st Runner-up

Top 10 Finalists Raffles Business Symposium (RBS 2018)
Organiser of National Inter-JCs and Secondary schools Business Pitching Competition
1st Prize

New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and South-East Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence Business Challenge
1st Prize