REN (Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network)





Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Disruptive industries. People keep throwing around these big buzzwords to talk about the most trending startups, to describe the biggest visionaries and tech geniuses. But what does it really mean to be an entrepreneur? Here at Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network, we don’t believe in defining 'entrepreneurship' for you. Instead, we choose to give you the best opportunities to be an entrepreneur and define this elusive term yourself, and here are just some of them!


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Training Schedule

(8.30am – 10.30am)


Teacher Mentors

Ms Stacy Tan 
Mrs Magdalen Low


Achievements & Highlights


Social Innovation Relay (SIR) 2021

Social Innovation Relay (SIR) Global 2021
First Runner’s Up 

Junior Achievement (China) 2021
Top 3 teams

Raffles Business Symposium (2021) 
- Organised by REN involving 25 participating Junior Colleges and Secondary Schools
Entrepreneurship Week 2021 featuring Products from Social Enterprises and Non-Profit Organisations 
Product Launches in collaboration with various social enterprises and internal CCAs  

Internships with various organisations