From factors we can predict like currents, wind strength and directions to unpredictable factors like the fleet, Sailing is by far one of the most technical and complicated sports to master and understand. It is mentally demanding to constantly think on our feet and make spontaneous decisions on water and also physically draining to control the boat under the hot sun or light rain for hours. However, to us sailors, Sailing is a big part of our lives which has given us fond memories we will carry forever, and unbreakable friendships for life.

Sailing not only provides us with an outlet to take a break from our academic studies, it also teaches us important life skills and values. Every training is never the same yet always filled with fun and laughter with our chosen family. If you want to conquer the seas like Aquaman with a loving family, join us!



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Teacher Mentors

Ms Christine Chin
Ms Lin Run’er

Mr Lai Yin Chang


Achievements & Highlights

2020 Oceanic and Australian Laser Championships
Jonathan Lio: 1st
Lee Wonn Kye: 8th

2020 Australian Youth Championships
Jonathan Lio: 2nd
Maurice Ng: Silver fleet
Lee Wonn Kye: 6th
Lee Riane: 3rd (U18 Girls)

2020 Australian 29er Championships
Lee Riane: 5th (Girls)

2019 SSSC National Inter-School Sailing Championships (A Division Girls’)
A-division Team: Champions
Jodie Lai Xuan Yi: Gold
Natalia Mai Do Ngoc: Bronze
Sarah Chua Li Xuan: 4th

2019 SSSC National Inter-School Sailing Championships (A Division Boys’)
A-division Team: Champions
Lee Wonn Kye: Gold
Koh Yi Nian: Silver
Daniel Ian Toh: Bronze