Unlike other sports that prioritise explosive speed or sheer strength, shooting values balance and precision. To shoot well, one has to remain as still as possible while aiming at the target as any sudden movement will cause the pellet to veer off-course. This can be achieved by stabilising one’s centre of balance so any movement is minimised. In addition to balancing the body, shooters also have to maintain psychological balance to prevent distracting thoughts from affecting one’s execution of the shot. This is often the hardest part of training as it is relatively easy to condition one’s body, but it can be incredibly challenging to focus solely on the action without desiring to shoot the perfect 10.9.

With our relatively small size of about 11 per batch, the CCA is a very tight-knit and homely one. While training requirements consist of 2-3 three hour sessions per week, the range is open every day. After all, Raffles Shooting is a whole lot more than just a CCA or a sport – it’s a team, a family, a place you can call home.



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Teacher Mentors

Mr Brian Kek
Ms Fan Wenying
Mr Jared Chew

Achievements & Highlights

2018 National School Games Shooting Championships – A Division
Boys’ Pistol: Gold
Girls’ Pistol: Gold

Girls’ Rifle: Silver
Boys’ Rifle: Gold

State Representation
Charmaine Lim Jia Jing: Represented Singapore in 10th Asian Championship, Wako City, Japan
Ong Tsien Jin: Represented Singapore in ISSF Junior World Cup, Suhl, Germany