While physical prowess may carry many through their sporting careers, the monotony of Shooting prizes concentration and grit over brute strength. To stay very still, with one’s attention completely focused on the action of shooting itself, requires a great amount of discipline and perseverance, and this skill is in itself challenging to learn and even harder to master.

For a sport that demands perfection, perhaps the greatest lesson shooting can offer is not that perfection is always beyond our grasps, but that we can still dare to dream, dare to try, and dare to aim for greater heights.

Teacher Mentors

Mr Brian Kek
Ms Fan Wenying
Ms Ng Yee Ling
Mr Jared Chew

Achievements And Highlights

2018 National School Games Shooting Championships – A Division
Boys’ Pistol: Gold
Girls’ Pistol: Gold

Girls’ Rifle: Silver
Boys’ Rifle: Gold

State Representation
Charmaine Lim Jia Jing: Represented Singapore in 10th Asian Championship, Wako City, Japan
Ong Tsien Jin: Represented Singapore in ISSF Junior World Cup, Suhl, Germany