In many sports, you would hear athletes and coaches comparing speeds, comparing timings. But, in shooting, it is all about balance, precision and focus. This is what sets shooting apart from other Olympic sports. In no other sport can fractions of a centimetre separate an athlete from a medal to not even making it to the finals.


It may be tough to visualise the difficulty in shooting (it’s not as simple as pointing the gun and hitting the bull’s eye!) Shooting is a tense and testing sport that requires immense skill and focus. Success depends on staying cool under the enormous pressure of the competition. Every twitch of your muscles affects your aim and precision. 


Most sports rely on that one show of talent, that one last burst of speed, but in shooting, one can only excel when all 60 shots are fired under the best physical and mental conditions. An arduous but rewarding sport, it is not just one’s innate talent that can bring home a medal, but consistency, determination and a strong mind.


Our CCA comprises 25 or fewer members each year, allowing us to get to know one another on a deeper level and forge stronger bonds that last beyond our time in JC. To us, CCA is not just about turning up for training thrice a week to perfect our shooting. It is a family that always has one another’s encouragement and support no matter how taxing life gets.



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Training Schedule

Tuesdays  [During Peak Season]
(4.30pm to 7.30pm)

(8am to 11am)

(4.15pm to 6.45pm)


Teacher Mentors

Ms Fan Wenqing
Mr Jared Chew
Mr Gordon Shiau 


Achievements & Highlights


NTU Invitational Shoot 2021  
Girls’ Pistol: Silver 
Boys’ Pistol: Bronze

Girls’ Rifle: Silver
Boys’ Rifle: Silver 

2021 National Inter-School A Division Shooting Championships
Girls’ Pistol: 2nd Place
Boy’s Pistol: 3rd Place

Girls’ Rifle: 3rd Place
Boy’s Rifle: 2nd Place