photo by Amy Lin of Raffles Photographers



Squash is a high intensity racket sport played between 2 players in a four-walled court. Physical and mental tenacity is a must, with stamina and agility being crucial aspects of the sport. Unlike other racket sports, squash is played without a net; both players are present on the same side of the court, demanding increased awareness as well as foresight to predict your opponent’s movements. At the same time, the small black ball used in Squash is astoundingly fast, travelling up to 280 km/h, requiring intense focus and concentration to simply keep up with the ball throughout the court.

Although it is not necessary, it would be good to have previous racket sports experience (i.e squash, tennis, badminton or table tennis) You never know what fun experiences and journeys await you, so come down now to try out for squash and experience what squash is like!

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Teacher Mentors

Mr Venantius Chng
Ms Joanne Tan
Ms Deborah Fernandez

Achievements & Highlights

National School Games Squash Championship 2018
A Division Girls Champion
A Division Boys Champion