Students’ Council

students council
At the heart of the Students’ Council are students, individuals like you and me who attend lessons, classes, and CCA sessions. Every individual contributes to Raffles and to his/her peers in their own unique ways, whether through music, sports or academics, and Councillors are like-minded individuals who play a part in creating a warm and spirited schooling environment, through match supports, House events, or simple acts like lending a helping hand or a listening ear. If you are passionate about helping your fellow Rafflesians, whether by creating avenues for all to contribute to the school, or by kindling school spirit, then Council is the CCA for you.

Teacher Mentors

Ms Michelle Kwok – Council, Presidents & Secretaries
Mr Lim Ting Liang – Buckle-Buckley House Directorate (2017)
Mr Calvin Tan – Buckle-Buckley House Directorate (2018)
Mrs Michelle Chan – Bayley-Waddle House Directorate (2017)
Mr Jason Lai – Bayley-Waddle House Directorate (2018)
Mrs Chua Juan Juan – Hadley-Hullett House Directorate
Ms Michelle Nah – Morrison-Richardson House Directorate (2017), CCA Department (2018)
Mr Marvin Lai – Moor-Tarbet House Directorate
Mr Desmond Tan – Communications Department
Ms Alexandria Tang – CCA Department (2017), Morrison-Richardson House Directorate (2018)
Mr Muhammed Faizad – CCA Department
Mr Christopher Selvaraj – Welfare Department (2017)
Mrs Aileen See – Welfare Department (2018)