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Swimming may be an individual sport; the intensive trainings and competition experiences build resilience and perseverance. But being a part of a team is what helps boost the motivation and drive to keep going. Having a whole team cheering you on in addition to the adrenaline pumping through your veins before a race can help a lot. It could even be the reason for you touching the wall just a mere 0.01 seconds ahead of your competitor. Trust us on that.

Every year, we come together as one, and make waves at the National School Games. Even though we don’t train together, we come together as a family, and race our hearts out for One Team Raffles, cheering for one another and swimming for each other. To join us, simply have a competitive swimming background and official timings from previous competitions which meet the qualifying times of the National School Games. We look forward to seeing you soon!



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Teacher Mentors

Mr Gary Ortega
Mr Gavin Swee
Mr Chua Nam Chew
Mr Chan Cheow Hwa

Achievements & Highlights

2018 National Inter-School A Division Swimming Championships
Girls: Gold
Boys: Silver