Taekwon-do you want to learn how to kick people? Taekwondo is an art of self-defence originating from Korea that emphasises kicking, which can teach you how to protect yourself in dangerous situations, making you better prepared for unprecedented circumstances. Now you can swiftly disarm an attacker and suavely kick their butt or simply just run away for 5 minutes. 

We typically start with the 5 minute run, then followed by heavy dynamic and static stretches. We do a tremendous number of knuckle push-ups, followed by deep stretching deeper than the Mariana trench which is about 11,034 meters, to train us to do perfect 1080 degree splits. Occasionally we have agility runs which include lying down and running and lying down. We then practice our respective poomsae patterns and occasionally do target kicking. Don’t worry about your feet though, we have 64 mats to protect those precious little things. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then Taekwondo-n’t hesitate and Taekwondo join us!! 



Training Schedule

(8.00am to 11.00am)


Teacher Mentors

Mr Jonathan Ang
Mr Joel Yuen


Achievements & Highlights



2021 National School Games
3rd Place in Yellow-Tip Belt (Team, Male)
4th Place in Yellow-Tip Belt (Team, Female)
4th Place in Black Belt (Team, Female)



2019 National School Games
2nd Place in Green Belt (Team)