Tenpin Bowling





Bowling is a very versatile activity. It can range from a relaxing social gathering to fierce competition. At its essence, bowling is a simple game - to knock down all 10 pins. However, there is more than what meets the eye, especially the conditions, targets, and ball tracks. By joining our bowling family, you will be able to learn more about these strategies and develop a more consistent stroke, greatly increasing your score. The wonderful feeling and sound of knocking all 10 pins are unmatched, and we hope to see you at our trials next year!



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Training Schedule

Three 2-hour sessions each week

Teacher Mentors

Mrs Li Li Abhilash
Mr David Chia Meng Hwee
Mr Se Kuan Pin


Achievements & Highlights


2021 National School Games A Division Bowling Championships
Boys Overall – 2nd 
Girls Overall – 2nd 
Boys Quartet – 3rd  
Girls Quartet – 4th 
Boys Double – 1st and 2nd 
Boys Individual – 2nd 
Boys All-events – 2nd