Touch Rugby



Touch Rugby? I wonder, what could that be?
Is it the sport with the funny-looking ball?
Oh no, do I have to be built like a wall?
Yes! You got to fight and possibly break some bones,
I’m just kidding! Don’t put down your phone.
‘Then what is it, just running after a ball?’
Don’t worry, I’m here to give you an idea, after all
Defenders have to make a touch,
With just enough force but not too much.
No tackling or shoving,
That’s just bullying.
Then you have to move 5 metres back,
Not just one, but together, as a whole pack.
Attackers have 6 touches to score,
After that, the ball is yours no more!
With your stamina, speed and agility,
Together with planned strategies,
When you make that final dive,
You will never feel more alive!
Teamwork comes into play,
And everyone contributes in their own way.
Communication is also key,
To help provide clarity.
Together with all our different personalities,
This team will become a family.
So what are you waiting for?
Come join us for an experience like never before!

Teacher Mentors

Ms Jeanne Lim
Ms Lee Si Jia

Achievements & Highlights

Year 6
National Junior College Touch Rugby Championships

Year 5
Pan Pacific All Schools Touch Championships (PPAS)