Touch Rugby



Perhaps what best encapsulates the spirit of Raffles Touch is one of our coach’s favourite refrains, that you will catch the ball if you want it badly enough. She believes it’s all in the mind, and we on our end believe the same — and because we believe the same, we push ourselves to try our hardest at every training, every drill, every dive.

Touch is a developmental sport so everyone enters new (and often confused!). We learn, grow, cry, laugh, and become together over the course of the roughly year and a half we have in this CCA, and perhaps it’s this shared navigation of often very unfamiliar waters (some of us enter without knowing that you don’t kick the ball in Touch, for example, unlike Rugby) that brings us much, much closer. And because this team is tight, we each play knowing that we have the wholehearted support of everyone else behind us, and we push ourselves knowing that it’s not just about the mindset of trying always to do your best, but even more importantly perhaps about honoring the trust your batchmates, more friends now, have placed in you.



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Teacher Mentors

Ms Jeanne Lim
Ms Lee Si Jia
Ms Chloe Lim

Achievements & Highlights

Year 6
National Junior College Touch Rugby Championships

Year 5
Pan Pacific All Schools Touch Championships (PPAS)