Writers’ Guild

Writers Guild photo for Yearbook 2020



This CCA has found its home on the fifth floor of Block A, where members gather every Monday from 4pm to 6pm. Guild is a creative writing CCA, which means that we mainly write fiction. This is not to be confused with primary school creative writing assignments, for not only do our members write in prose, we also double as poets and some have even dabbled in playwriting.

If you love writing, write for fun, and are willing to commit to writing consistently beyond CCA hours, then that’s perfect! This author can guarantee that you’ll enjoy your stay in Guild, and, in time, come to love it too.

(Oh. And one last thing: we’re not Raffles Press, nor is Guild a nickname for Press, nor are we affiliated with Press. Please stop asking.)



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Teacher Mentors

Mrs Saul Beevi

Achievements & Highlights

Launch of Anthology 2018 (open mike event)
Typewriter Poetry
Literature Night 2018 Spoken Word