2021 Book Launch

Message by Mr Kenneth Er, CEO of the National Parks Board

Congratulations to the Raffles Leadership Institute (RLI) for the success of their Ecological Literacy (Eco-Lit) Programme in fostering a love for nature amongst our youth.

The story books published under this programme promote awareness in young children about the natural world and empathy for the living things within it. The research done by the RI students in the process of writing and illustrating the books also reflects the continuous learning and connection that our youths can form with nature. 

This year, the RI students are publishing two stories set in our nature areas. Rey and Kingsley’s Mangrove Adventure introduces children to the mangrove biodiversity at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, while Sounds of the Forest teaches little ones about the forest animals at Dairy Farm Nature Park, engaging them through the songs that they sing. The characters in these imaginative stories bring to life the ecology of our native species, making natural history more engaging and accessible to young readers.

My sincere appreciation to the students, teachers and mentors involved in producing these wonderful books. I hope that they encourage more families and youth to experience nature for themselves. As we continue with our greening efforts by planting more trees, connecting our green spaces, and naturalising our gardens, parks and waterways, we will have more opportunities to experience nature in our daily lives. Through the nurturing of our children’s curiosity, kindness and love for the flora and fauna that share our City in Nature, we hope to engender a more caring society. 

Kenneth Er_CEO NParks

Mr Kenneth Er
Chief Executive Officer
National Parks Board

Message by Mr Frederick Yeo, Principal of Raffles Institution

Raffles Institution marked the 10th anniversary of the Raffles Ecological Literacy (Eco-Lit) Programme’s Book Project Initiative in 2020, with a congratulatory message from Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development. This year (2021), we are pleased to launch the 26th and 27th titles of the Eco-Lit storybooks by our students. We would like to thank Mr Kenneth Er, CEO of the National Parks Board for supporting this year’s launch with his congratulatory message, which is apt as this year’s Eco-Lit titles are on the natural forest and mangrove habitats.  

Continuing with the aim of unravelling Singapore’s amazing flora and fauna, and sharing them through illustrated storybooks for children, this year’s publications underscore the continued commitment of RI students towards safeguarding and celebrating Singapore’s rich biodiversity through narratives.  While Covid-19 may have dampened the spirits of many, it has not deterred our Eco-Lit students from pursuing their fascination with nature’s beauty and actualising it with yet another set of high-quality publications. Let me share some highlights of this year’s titles. 

In Sounds of the Forest, the storybook personifies the wildlife inhabitants of the Dairy Farm Nature Reserve (DFNR), with the intriguing conversations between the Straw-headed Bulbul and his neighbour the Banded Bullfrog, and their subsequent decision to start their very own band. Soon, other friends came over to join them, such as the Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, the Timah Forest Cricket and the Sunda Scops Owl. Sounds of the Forest, with its colourful illustrations, thus draws young readers into the real-life rhythm of the forest beat, which is both soothing and mesmerising. 

In Rey and Kingsley’s Mangrove Adventure, young readers are brought into the idyllic world of the mangroves at the Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve (SBWR), through the conversation of Rey the Common Redshank and Kingsley the Collared Kingfisher. As they surveyed the mangroves, key inhabitants of the mangroves were introduced, such as the Malayan Water Monitor Lizard, the Mud Lobster and the Mangrove Horseshoe Crab. Through the captivating illustrations, our students aim to encourage young readers and their families to embark on an exploratory visit to the SBWR. They also hope that their storybook can be a ‘field guide’ to help readers spot and identify the various inhabitants of the SBWR. 

Like the characters in the two books, this year’s Eco-Lit writers have diverse interests and skills. Their CCAs range from fencing, floorball, interact club, water polo and astronomy club, to Red Cross, NPCC, Piano Ensemble and the Gavel Club, to name some. Despite their different CCA interests, they are all united in their pursuit of fostering a keen appreciation of Singapore’s magnificent natural habitats among the young, and inspiring them to take actions to protect these fragile ecosystems.     

In tandem with our annual launch, RI will be gifting a set of the 26th and 27th Eco-Lit titles to all primary schools in Singapore. Copies will also be made available in the children’s section of all the National Libraries across Singapore.  Many schools have shared with us that their students have really enjoyed reading these unique Eco-Lit storybooks. We hope that this year’s publications will continue to immerse our young readers in the enthralling world of Singapore’s biodiversity, just as previous publications have done.

Mr Frederick Yeo 2

Mr Frederick Yeo
Raffles Institution

Authors & Illustrators

Introducing the Authors and Illustrators of the 2021 Eco Lit Books



Authors: Duan Ning Xin, Ernest Koh Guan Yu, Ng Josephine Mei,
Samuel Loh Junhan, Sruthi Muralikrishna and Teo Jun Ning Chloe
 Illustrator: Duan Ning Xin


Authors: Tee Yu Xun, Jeremish Seow, Leong Kai Xin Natalie and Tsai King Ron
Illustrators: Chua Yu'En Chloe and Tran Hien Anh

2021 Launch Titles

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Published: July 2021
ISBN: 978-981-18-0875-3
Deep in the mangroves of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, two friends, Rey and Kingsley, reunite after a long year apart.
To welcome his friend, Kingsley has an exciting day of activities lined out ahead of them. However, an unfortunate accident threatens to foil all their plans.
Will they be able to navigate through the challenges they face and take back the day?

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RIEL 2021 Sounds Of The Forest Cover

Published: July 2021
ISBN: 978-981-18-0874-6

Have you ever wondered about the sounds of the forest?
Let us bring you on a journey through Dairy Farm Nature Park, one of Singapore’s beloved nature parks, to learn more!
Through sights and sounds, join Bulbul and Bullfrog on their quest to win the Battle of the Bands. But how are they supposed to win if they don’t even have a band?
Will they find the right animals for their sound-filled performance?
Or will they have to give up their musical dream?

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