1823 Trees Kick-Off Tree Planting

The 1823 Trees tree planting has kicked off!
Mr Desmond Lee planting the Langsat tree at the 1823 Trees Kick-Off Tree Planting with Chairman of the RI Board of Governors Mr Bey Soo Khiang and National Parks Board CEO Mr Kenneth Er

On 4 June 2022, we were honoured to have Minister for National Development and alum, Mr Desmond Lee, grace the first 1823 Trees tree planting outside RI at Raffles House Lawn, Fort Canning Park.

Students planting trees at Bond Terrace, Fort Canning Park
Amid intermittent showers, staff, students, parent volunteers, ORA, NParks partners and alums played their part in the greening of Singapore by planting 35 trees. The species of trees were thoughtfully selected by NParks to showcase the drawings commissioned by Sir Stamford Raffles in the publication "Raffles Ark Redrawn". The location of today's tree planting is one of historical significance as it was at Government Hill (now Fort Canning Hill) where the idea of the Institution was first mooted by Raffles and his compatriots, and also where Raffles started Singapore's first botanical gardens.

Mr Lee addressing all present in Raffles House, Fort Canning Park
Mr Lee shared that the day's act of tradition (the greening movement that was first started by Mr Lee Kuan Yew in 1963) is important, and will be seared in the memories of all present, especially in the next generation of Rafflesians. As Rafflesians take their place in future in society, they will continue to remember the past, in order to encourage the future generations to look forward with pride and confidence.

He hopes that the DNA and flame of stewardship will be passed from generation to generation, and help strengthen Singapore for future generations.
Join us in rooting for a greener Singapore by checking out the 1823 Trees campaign here:

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