RGC Newsletter Term 3: Healthy Mind Platter

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Now that you have a clearer picture of what goes into your teen’s healthy platter, use this as an opportunity to have a deeper conversation with your teen. 

You may try out either of these:
- Celebrate and praise your teen for the domains that they are doing well;
- Support them in picking one domain that they like to improve on;
- Help them brainstorm ideas and possible small steps that they can take to improve that domain. For example, increase the number of hours of sleep by just an hour more. Discuss with them on what is a biteable size that they can easily incorporate for the week ahead; or
- Make a plan to review the healthy platter again in 2 weeks. 

Most importantly, it is for you to enjoy getting to know your teen and your own healthy platter together!

If you have further queries or think that your teen might benefit from more support, you can also drop us an email at [email protected].

Warmest regards,
The RGC team

RGC Team
The RGC Team (from L-R)
Back: Jeff, Paul, Alexis, Yvonne, Zull. Front: Sharinder, Mei Hui, Kah Hwee

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