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[email protected] 2019 took place on 3 August 2019 at the Performing Arts Centre. The event saw a turnout of 100 staff and students, and they were enriched by the presentations contributed by a diverse panel of speakers. Organised by Student Development and Year 6 students Dai Xiang Rong (19S06O), Veeramani Srivathsan (19S06O), Andrew Keean Yap Shi Kai (19S06Q) and Lee Zong En, Ryan (19S03K), this iteration of TEDxRafflesInstitution aims to inspire our youths to explore various subjects and pursue their passion beyond academics.

The range of topics covered were as follows: 

Nathan Hartono

Mr Nathan Hartono shared about his journey in Sing China! and what made him decide to become a singer in times like today where such careers are often viewed as impractical.

Adrian Ang

Mr Adrian Ang expounded on his journey in starting SGAG, including the decision he made as a JC student where he voluntarily repeated Year 5 and switched from the “traditional” science stream to the arts stream in JC.

Ms Gan Jin Ni shared about her vision for Telepod, an e-scooter sharing ride start-up, the ups and downs, and the tech startup scene in Singapore.

Shariff Abdullah

Mr Shariff Abdullah talked about overcoming tough odds in life, the value of a personal mission, what inspires him to press on in spite of disadvantages, how to view an unfair life and his experience in North Pole Marathon.

Mr Cai Yinzhou shed insight on the value of social entrepreneurship, why youths should care about social impact, the inspiration behind his ventures.

Eddie Koh

Mr Eddie Koh (Knowledge Skills Department) shared about the meaning of life through reflections

Mr Francis Chong (Physics) share about his passion for the arts 

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The cosy session allowed students and staff to be inspired by a wide breadth of stories and life experiences and served as a reminder to dream, and to serve the community. 

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