Character & Leadership Education


“Leadership is about values and excellence, and whether your words and actions will inspire others to follow your example. You can lead at the front, your fist raised high, motivating others to overcome their fears and doubts. You can lead at the back, working quietly, but the pride in and exactness of your work will serve as a shining beacon for others to follow. But for most of us, we must also learn how to lead in the middle, doing your best to take care of those around you while bringing everyone together – because team work really does make the dream work.”

GOH, Promethean Leadership Investiture 2019
CPT Thia Shanzhi, RSN


Character and Leadership Education at RI is all about learning the values and skills for personal and societal well-being. Through close interactions, discussions and activities in class-based communities, Rafflesians grow into civic-minded citizens of sound character, bonded by the desire to lead in serving.


Our complementary Community Education programme seeks to equip and enable students to learn from the community even while making a positive difference in the lives of others. Students will get many opportunities to be guided while they serve and interact with the wider community. This is because the school has put in place programmes, resources and support structures to promote cohort-based, CCA-based and class-based community projects, values in action projects, service learning projects and other volunteer opportunities, both student-initiated and school-sourced.