English Language




Our Approach
Through the study of various modes of communication across a range of topics such as culture, politics, science and human values, our students learn to appreciate the ways in which writers use language for a multitude of purposes. They also become effective communicators in both private and public spheres, critical and creative thinkers, and are thus empowered to better understand and respond to the world we live in. 

Learner Outcomes

  • Read closely and critically texts from different text types for information, interpretation and understanding, while being sensitive to the nuances in the language and the author’s intent.
  • Write convincingly and accurately in the correct tone and register, and use language appropriately in the generation, development and organisation of ideas so as to address a particular purpose, audience, context and culture. 
  • Speak and communicate accurately, clearly and effectively, by using language and paralinguistic features appropriately to address a particular purpose, audience, context and culture.
  • Listen actively and critically to discern a speaker’s intent and point of view, while being aware of how the responses of the speaker’s audience may reflect certain patterns of speech and delivery, as well as cultural influences.  In the four domains of reading, writing, speaking and listening, students should develop, reinforce and apply their competencies in the following areas:

o Grammar, for the purposeful use of language at the word, phrase, sentence and text levels.:  

  • Apply knowledge of grammatical rules at word, phrase and sentence levels. 
  • Show understanding of how the purposeful use of language shapes meaning in texts. 

o Vocabulary, for the purposeful use of rich language.: 

  • Demonstrate a wide vocabulary that supports the development of listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. 
  • Use words appropriate for a particular purpose, audience, context and culture. 


GAP Semester: Local and International Courses 
There has been an interesting and varied array of both local and international courses offered by the English Language department to the Year 4 students, including: 

  • Journalism 101: The Power of Words and Images (Local course)
  • Exchange programme with Shibuya and Makuhari Senior High schools: A Sociolinguistic Study of English in Japan (International course)

Public Speaking Competitions
The English language department has consistently groomed effective speakers for public speaking competitions such as the Orator’s Trophy and the YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA), and as masters of ceremony for school events.


Writing Competitions
Each Year 1 – 2 student is strongly encouraged to take part in at least one English writing competition a year. Exposure to writing beyond the context of the classroom helps to provide students with a benchmark of their creative writing skills against national, or even international standards.