Our Approach
Mathematics is the endeavour of man to understand, represent and process the world with precision and rigour. It seeks truth and beauty in the elegance of patterns and logic.  Its ability to generalise and solve real life problems provide a constant challenge to the inquiring mind. Learning mathematics is key to preparing students in handling data critically in the digital age so that they could become better problem solver.   

Learner Outcomes 
Content (Concepts & Skills)
• Grasp mathematical concepts and acquire fundamental skills. 
• Deepen their knowledge of mathematical concepts and principles, and use this knowledge for interdisciplinary work. 
• Solve high-level thinking problems which are sophisticated and modelled after real-life scenarios. 
• Consolidate and extend their learning beyond regular syllabus. 
• Internalise mathematics learning and construct relationships between and among mathematical topics.
• Use mathematical language with precision.  


Process & Metacognition
• Engage in independent, creative, and higher order thinking processes. 
• Discover, re-create and find original solutions with emphasis on elegant solutions. 
• Use effective strategies to solve closed and open-ended problems and evaluate their ideas and solutions. 
• Understand mathematical concepts and principles, rather than rules and procedures. 
• Use efficient techniques for mental computation and problem solving. 
• Integrate information technology to enhance the learning of mathematics. 
• Monitor one’s thinking and regulate one’s learning. 




• Present elegant solutions and explore multiple solutions to problems. 
• Manipulate mathematical concepts and ideas with fluency and variety. 
• Produce different modes of work
• Problem solving and performance task.  


Problem Solve Photo1

Appreciation & Attitudes 

• Acquire positive attitudes to learning, develop individual interest and potential in mathematics. 
• Appreciate the beauty, elegance and usefulness of mathematics. 
• Gain an awareness of the works and lives of mathematicians.
• Acquire a strong foundation for further studies and related disciplines with confidence and enjoyment. 


Talent Development Programmes

The Euler Programme and The Raffles Academy of Mathematics

• Provide mathematically talented students an accelerated curriculum on advanced topics and a unique approach to learning that is problem-centred, inquiry-based and integrative.
• Emphasise Rigorous Mathematical Thinking which involves exploration of Mathematical theorems, proofs and applications.
• Provide opportunities to participate in well-known Mathematics Competitions.



The Euler ProgrammePX Challenge

PX Challenge

PX Challenge is a new programme jointly organised by Gifted Education Branch, Ministry of Education (MOE) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) this year to provide an opportunity for students to work on a given complex real world problem, seeking possible “solutions” for it by considering different perspectives and leveraging knowledge of different disciplines, particularly in Sciences and Mathematics. 

Shrimay Bikash Saikia & Timothy Ang Ti’en Ern from 2020 Year 3 Raffles Academy Mathematics class has achieved Special Awards. Below is a video they have put together for this project.


• Co-Curricular Activities: Mathematics Club 
• Olympiad training sessions 
• Workshops 
• Competitions 


Scholastic and Cultural Exchange Programme with Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Middle School
The programme serves to:

  • Promote cultural exchange and foster interpersonal skills.
  • Engage students in thematic learning modules on Thinking & Problem Solving Skills, specifically in the context of Mathematical Studies such as Number Theory, Inequalities and Combinatorics.
  • Establish a collegial network with a globalized mindset.


Scholastic and Cultural Exchange Programme with Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Middle School

Mathematics Enrichment Workshop & Mathematics Seminar (Gifted Education Branch, MOE)

  • Mathematics Enrichment Workshop (For Year 1 and Year 2 students):
    A platform that aspires to motivate mathematically talented students through exposure to the beauty and variety of the subject in solving real world problems. The two-day event includes a workshop and a Mathematics Trail, conducted in a supportive environment which allows for interaction among students who love mathematics.
  • Mathematics Seminar (For Year 3 students):
    Professors and experts in the field of Mathematics will be invited to give talks on selected topics covered at the tertiary level. Participants will have the opportunity to be exposed to the latest developments in the subject and enrich their Mathematics understanding.



Mathematics outside the Classroom


"Mathematics Outside the Classroom " aims to:

  • Provide enriching learning experiences beyond the core curriculum for highly motivated students to further extend their interest and knowledge in Mathematics.
  • Explore broader and deeper mathematical concepts thus inspiring their passion for Mathematics.
  • Recognize the role of mathematics as an indispensable tool in many real-life applications as well as in other disciplines.


Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (SMO) In-House Training