Our Approach

In Raffles, we aim to create a vibrant arts community of teachers, students and practitioners through an authentic, differentiated and inspiring education for the arts, and nurture a new generation who aspires to bring the arts in Singapore to a new level of engagement and excellence. 

Learner Outcomes 
Through music education, we aim to cultivate students who: embrace change and continuous learning in the arts have ample exposure, holistic knowledge and authentic experience in related areas of an artistic discipline as well as inter-disciplinary context understand the national and international arts scenes, community as well as current practices and ethics support, participate and contribute to the arts scene through strong personal mastery and the pursuit of excellence uphold the Institution’s value of Fortitude, Integrity, Respect and Enterprise through artistic practices.




General Music Programme (GMP)
The General Music Programme contributes to the quality of students’ holistic education and plays a part in nurturing them to become informed audiences for the arts. All Year 1 and 2 students at RI go through this lower secondary music programme which allows them to experience music through listening, performance and composition. Modules include basic instrumental-playing and ensemble skills, music literacy, and music arrangement.




Music Elective Programme (MEP)
The MEP, one of MOE’s Special Programmes, offers a comprehensive and holistic experience for musically-inclined students to deepen their knowledge in music and hone their abilities in listening, creating, performing and research. The programme aims to develop music students to become independent and sensitive thinkers as well as outstanding pioneers in the national and international arts scenes. We also extend and enrich our students’ educational experience, making real and concrete what has been taught in music classes through performance opportunities, as well as learning opportunities with professionals in the music and creative industries. 

The four-year programme covers the three main areas of Music Writing (harmony, counterpoint and composition), Music Performance (solo and ensemble) and Music Studies (musicology, perception and analysis built upon listening and writing skills through structured modules). Students are expected to demonstrate competencies in each of these areas. In the final year of study, students will sit for a school-based examination similar to the Higher Music GCE O-level Examination. 

In addition, all MEP students will have opportunities to participate in the annual National MEP Camp for Year 3 students and RI Year 1-4 MEP Concerts.

All applicants are required to sit for a selection test for placement into the programme upon entry into RI. The selection test, which usually takes place in Term 1 Week 2, comprises a written theory paper, a listening e-test, as well as an interview and practical component in which students are required to perform two contrasting solo pieces on an instrument, with a duration of up to 5 minutes in total. 

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