Raffles Philosophy Programme




Our Approach

The Raffles Institution Philosophy Programme aims to inculcate in our students the right dispositions towards critical thinking and to engage them in the exercise of logical reasoning. Our goal is to enable our students to understand what philosophical questions are and to construct rational and logically persuasive arguments. We endeavour to do this by equipping them with the necessary skills to recognize and critique arguments, as well as to communicate ideas with clarity and precision.

More importantly, we hope that the acquisition of these skills will enable our students to assimilate and understand the others’ ideas, to think critically about questions asked, to ask how these questions relate to their own life and to demonstrate open-mindedness together with the various skills of critical appraisal.

Learner Outcomes

  • Sharpening one’s reasoning capabilities and critical thinking by practicing the construction of sound arguments.
  • Achieving the 9 Intellectual Standards in order to be a better critical thinker.
  • Thinking critically about questions in moral and political philosophy through the deployment of one’s argumentation skills while engaging one’s peers in a Community of Inquiry (COI).
  • Striving to progress nearer to the Truth through a collective effort in a collaborative, not a competitive environment.
  • Becoming moral persons within a society.


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