Research Education



RE Café 2022 – Fire Side Chat with Mr Laurence Liew from AI Singapore


Our Approach

Our Research Education programme helps students to develop the critical thinking skills, inter-disciplinary competency, resourcefulness and grasp of the group dynamics necessary for research work. It adopts interdisciplinary approaches to solve Grand Challenges presented in the United Nations’ 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). Each Grand Challenge stretches the imagination and the limits of cognitive ability of our students and allows them to examine and solve the problems from different lenses such as scientific, technological, economic, environmental and cultural perspectives. 



Students creating a vertical farm prototype in a Grand Challenge Interdisciplinary Project 


Learner Outcomes
The programme aims to develop self-directed learners, who are well-equipped with the knowledge, intra-personal and inter-personal competencies to engage a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) future.  Students will gain insights and experiences from their research journey which places an emphasis on the   collaboration and interaction with our partner organizations and various research institutes. This enables them to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the different dimensions presented in the VUCA world.  Many Rafflesians go on to showcase their work at various national and international research platforms.


RE Cafe Video 2022