Science (Year 1-2)



Our Approach
A belief which drives the Raffles Programme science curriculum is that students learn best when the curriculum is student-centred and when students are actively engaged in meaningful learning activities. The science curriculum seeks to capitalise on the innate curiosity of students to develop, expand and enhance their own scientific world views. It also aims to elicit a sense of wonderment by providing opportunities for students to explore and understand the natural world.

Learner Outcomes

  • To be aware that science can be applied to everyday life, society, other disciplines and industries
  • To show respect for life, and be a responsible and confident steward of the Earth
  • To appreciate the ingenuity, rigour and limitations of scientific research and experimental techniques
  • To develop positive attitudes relevant to science, e.g. objectivity, integrity, enquiry, initiative, inventiveness, concern for accuracy and precision
  • To apply scientific methods and thinking processes, use critical and creative thinking to solve problems, and communicate ideas effectively
  • To develop a passion for life-long learning in Science
  • To acquire sufficient understanding and knowledge in a technological world and be able to consider ethical issues in an informed and responsible manner
  • To understand that the advancement of science is a result of co-operative and cumulative activities of different individuals and groups

Workshops, courses and field trips:
Offered throughout the year, these activities are usually publicised by Science teachers. Students may also obtain the information from the Science Hub notice board, morning announcements and Stamford portal. Examples of workshops conducted in previous years are Micro-pipetting & Serial Dilution, Making of Medicinal Drug, and Making Polymers.

Students can participate in the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition and Science Buskers Festival. Year 1 and 2 students can stretch themselves by attending specialised training sessions for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and subsequently take part in the Singapore Junior Science Olympiads in Year 3 and 4.

Co-Curricular Activities: 
Science & Astronomy Club
Students who are passionate about Science or Astronomy should consider joining the Science and Astronomy Club CCA – to pursue fun-filled and meaningful activities among like-minded peers, and to prepare for Science competitions under the guidance of their seniors and teachers.

Talent Development

Galileo Programme
For the exceptionally able and highly motivated Science students, they can join the enrichment classes on Thursdays, from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm, to learn advanced and specialised content, and learn how to communicate science effectively.