Science (Year 3-4)



Our Approach

Science pervades countless aspects of everyday living. Soap and shampoo which contribute to hygiene, biochemical processes involved in the body’s perception of pain, and processes using magnetic fields to produce voltage are but some examples. Further to being a robust body of knowledge, science is also very much about inquiring, observing and hypothesising. These components contribute to knowledge and the process of knowing. We aim to offer our students diverse opportunities to systematically explore, understand and appreciate the physical world. Building on prior knowledge, our goal is to have students challenge assumptions, objectively observe, fluently articulate using the language of the discipline, and thoroughly comprehend and apply knowledge and skills to be well-positioned for the future.  

Learner Outcomes
• To develop an in-depth understanding of science concepts.
• To develop process skills and attitudes, including: objectivity, integrity, inventiveness, and attention to accuracy and precision.
• To apply methods and thinking to critically and creatively solve problems, and effectively communicate ideas. 
• To understand that the advancement of science is a result of co-operative and cumulative activities of different individuals and groups
• To appreciate the ingenuity, rigour and limitations of scientific research and experimental techniques
• To gain a strong awareness of ethical and moral issues related to scientific advances so as to respect life and be a responsible steward.
• To be aware that science can be applied to everyday life, society, other disciplines and industries 
• To develop a passion for life-long learning.

Workshops, courses and field trips:
Students wanting to pursue a more in-depth exploration of specific areas in science will find myriad opportunities at the Science Hub. The activities build on the content and skills learned in the taught curriculum. There are 3 exploratory laboratories to cater to the 3 sub-disciplines:

• Life Sciences X-Labs - enthusiasts of Biology may sign up for workshops on serial dilution and micro-pipetting which are essential skills for research projects. Students have the opportunity to engage with external partners, such as the National Parks Board, in carrying out surveys on biodiversity. Students with a strong interest in design and technology may choose to challenge themselves by building a self-watering device, besides learning gardening skills and cultivating an interest in Botany.

• Chemical Sciences X-Labs - chemistry enthusiasts may undertake the synthesis of polymers to investigate properties like texture, elasticity and water absorption to draw insights on potential uses. Students with a stronger inclination towards chemical analysis may choose to investigate metal ions in water samples using techniques like Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and UV-Visible Spectroscopy.  

• Physical Sciences X-Labs – Aviation enthusiasts can look out for exciting enrichments in glider plane prototyping, drones piloting and flight simulation engagement. Students have the opportunity to embark on learning journeys to the aviation industrial sectors, engage with aviation experts on the current Aerospace insights in Singapore and beyond. 

Students will also have the opportunity to sign up for workshops on 3D printing technologies which is relevant in applications such as tissue engineering in Medicine, making flexible sports apparels in Sports Science, in construction and architecture, to printing even chocolates and candies.


Biology 1 Chemistry 1 Physics 1
Biology: Comparison of structural features in Taxonomy Chemistry: Laboratory analysis of vitamin C in Kale Physics: Explaining the technology behind a laser cutter

Students can stretch themselves by attending specialised training sessions and subsequently take part in science-related competitions such as the:

• AstroChallenge
• C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz
• International Biomedical Quiz
• International Young Physicists’ Tournament 
• National STEM Challenge
• Singapore Astronomy Olympiad 
• Singapore Junior Science Olympiads (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
• Singapore Young Physicists’ Tournament
• Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition
• Singapore Science and Engineering Fair
• Youth Science Conference