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A delightful book can influence a child’s life in a multitude of ways. What more if the books are about Singapore’s own wildlife and important environmental issues? Stories like these will capture the hearts and minds of these young ones, give them deeper understanding of the environment around them, strengthen their values and inspire them to explore further and possibly take action!

Raffles Institution recognised the lack of good, locally-based, children’s picture books on Singaporean habitats, her nature hotspots and growing environmental issues. Understanding the powerful reach of children’s books, Raffles Institution initiated a place-based, Ecological Literacy book-writing project, as a culmination of their year-long Ecological Literacy Programme.  The first book was written and published in 2010, and since then, a series was born, children’s picture books written and drawn solely by students.

The Eco-Lit students (as they are called) are involved in every stage of the book development: conducting of research, reconnaissance of locations, interviewing and discussions with subject-matter mentors, before defining the environmental messages and aims of their books. They learn storybook writing techniques and finally write and plan their desired illustrations for their books. Some teams took on the additional challenge of writing the books in rhyme, while others illustrated the books themselves or collaborated with fellow schoolmates from the Raffles Art Institute.

The vision of inspiring the younger generation to do their part in the conservation of Singapore's natural environment and biodiversity has been realised. These Eco-Lit books have become companion books for children, they have been incorporated into primary school curricula in some schools and have inspired other schools to write their own eco-literacy books.

In a move to increase the outreach and impact of these books, Raffles Institution has converted all previous and current publications into E-books. This will make this impactful ‘ecoliteracy library’ available to children around the world, especially those in South-East Asia who share our biodiversity!




All titles published from October 2010 - July 2022, can be found at all National Public Libraries in Singapore.
Schools and educational organisations interested in using the books for outreach or educational purposes,
may contact us at [email protected].




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RIEL 2023 The Quest for a Turtle_s Nest FINAL Cover

Published: July 2023
ISBN: 978-981-18-7227-3

Two turtles, Billie and Betty, started their lives out as hatchlings at East Coast Beach.

33 years later, they return there to nest. But the pristine beach that they remembered was not the same…

What will they do? What challenges will they face? Follow Billie and Betty as they set out on their quest for a nest!

RIEL_2023 Out of the Blue FINAL Cover

Published: July 2023
ISBN: 978-981-18-7228-0

It was a day just like any other…

Until fish mysteriously disappear into thin air! Now, what on earth could possibly be happening?

RIEL_2023 Owl Home,Owl Treasure_Cover

Published: July 2023
ISBN: 978-981-18-7229-7

Barney the Barn Owl is finding a new home when he discovers something strange – a treasure map leading deep into the Faraway Forest. What could it be?

Curious, he invites his owl friends on an adventure to find the treasure, but strangely, the forest always seems to be one step ahead.

Will the adventurers prevail?

Join Barney and his friends on an exciting journey as they venture into the unknown!

An Outing Like No Otter

Published: June 2022

ISBN: 978-981-18-4436-2

It was supposed to be an exciting day out for the Ott family, but trouble brews when Ollie gets lost! Will she be able to find her way back?

What other challenges will the Ott family face as they search for Ollie?

Join us as we learn more about how otters live and the challenges they face!

Watch the animated version of the book here.

Wonders of the Waterway

Published: June 2022

ISBN: 978-981-18-4434-8

Oh no! The petals on Cally's flower have fallen, bringing her to a magical and strange new land! How on earth will she get home?

Follow Cally as she travels through Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in search of her beloved flowers, and meet many new friends who help her along the way. Take a trip with them through the ecological and man-made attractions of the park, and discover the hidden natural wonders of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park!

Watch the animated version of the book here.

The Terror of the Intertidal

Published: June 2022

ISBN: 978-981-18-4435-5

Life at Changi Beach has always been peaceful until one fateful day, when disaster strikes, engulfing the intertidal. Stormy is missing and many other creatures are in danger. The community is trapped in a terrible crisis! It is now up to Alphy to help his friends but he encounters various obstacles along the way. Will he successfully fulfil his mission? Who exactly is the culprit? How do we prevent such a catastrope from happening again?

Cruise along the wonders of the intertidal as Alphy attempts to save the day and learn more about the place the creatures call home!

Watch the animated version of the book here.

Mangrove Adventure Cover

Published: July 2021

ISBN: 978-981-18-0875-3

Deep in the mangroves of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, two friends, Rey and Kingsley, reunite after a long year apart.
To welcome his friend, Kingsley has an exciting day of activities lined out ahead of them. However, an unfortunate accident threatens to foil all their plans.
Will they be able to navigate through the challenges they face and take back the day?

Watch the animated version of the book here.

Sounds Of The Forest Cover

Published: July 2021
ISBN: 978-981-18-0874-6 

Have you ever wondered about the sounds of the forest? Let us bring you on a journey through Dairy Farm Nature Park, one of Singapore’s beloved nature parks, to learn more!
Through sights and sounds, join Bulbul and Bullfrog on their quest to win the Battle of the Bands. But how are they supposed to win if they don’t even have a band?
Will they find the right animals for their sound-filled performance?
Or will they have to give up their musical dream?
Watch the animated version of the book here.


Crisis in the Crabital Book Cover

Published: July 2020
ISBN: 978-981-14-6525-3

Let us take you on a magical journey through time, to the wondrous land of the Crabital. Nowhere else will you find another crab paradise like this, where crabs of all shapes and sizes thrive in harmony.
Life in the Crabital has always been peaceful until one fateful day, when the city was engulfed in a terrible crisis! It is now up to the four chosen crabs to save the city, but... will they be able to fulfil their mission?

Watch the animated version of the book here.


2020 No Nest Like Home Book Cover

Published: July 2020
ISBN: 978-981-14-6527-7

Bella and Benji have a problem: they need a new home.
Lucky for them, as they search high and low for their new nest, they find inspiration in the homes of a few unlikely friends they make along the way. However, with such a long list of demands, will they ever be able to find the perfect nest?
Or will they realize that there's more to a perfect home than meets the eye?
Follow them as they weave through the pages of this book, in search of their new home!

Watch the animated version of the book here.

2020 The Sea Slug Who Could Cook Book Cover

Published: July 2020
ISBN: 978-981-14-6526-0

Whoever said that only humans could cook?
It's not easy being a chef underwater, and the ocean's denizens are very picky indeed!
Follow Ollie's culinary adventures, as he tries to feed the many weird and wonderful sea slugs who are in search of their next meal?

Watch the animated version of the book here.

2019 Herps Cover

Published: May 2019
ISBN: 978-981-14-1361-2

When a baby bird goes missing, it's up to the forest's finest detectives to solve the case and bring him home!
Help them solve the various puzzles and overcome the obstacles that lie ahead on their path to success!
Will they ever be able to reunite the mother bird with her son?

2019 Termighty Cover

Published: May 2019
ISBN: 978-981-14-1362-9

Mike, the termite, loves being part of his termite family, all except for one thing - he hates being a worker termite. While the others are cool and strong and fast, he's just... him.
Why was he born the way he is?
Follow Mike on his journey of self-discovery, as he explores his colony, whilst discovering his true purpose in the greater scheme of things!

2019 Spiders Cover

Published: May 2019
ISBN: 978-981-14-1360-5

Spud has always dreamed of joining the knights who serve Queen Andrea and protect the Kingdom of Spiders. He travels to Queen Andrea's castle to ask to join them and is challenged to prove himself.
Will Spud successfully become the hero of the day?
What will he discover about himself along the way?

2018 Whoosh

Published: May 2018
ISBN: 879-981-11-7269-4

Cory, the little coral spat, follows the current on an adventure to find a home. It travels to many fascinating places but it doesn't seem to belong! Where can Cory go?


Published: May 2018
ISBN: 979-981-11-7268-7

Nobody can beat Doo the Dugong at a games of hide and seek! Doo begins to find Ollie the Octopus in the beautiful and rich coast of Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin.
In the marine playground, Doo makes endless discoveries about seagrass and other wonderous marine animals!
However, during the game, even after searching high and low, Ollie is nowhere to be found! Has Ollie gone missing? Will Doo ever find Ollie?

Pollilympics Cover

Published: May 2017
ISBN: 978-981-11-3250-6

Deep in the forest, there is a great pollination competition that few have heard of, and even fewer have seen. Join the pollinators on a fun-filled adventure to see who has what it takes to be crowned the best pollinator! But things don't go quite as planned....

2017 Dolphin

Published: May 2017
ISBN: 978-981-11-3248-3

The Tan family had always been a peaceful group of dolphins living in the waters near Singapore, until the day their home was contaminated by an oil spill.
Fortunately, they meet Sam, a mysterious dolphin who brings promise of a wonderful place filled with food, space and lots of new marine neighbours!
However, oil spills are not the only peril that they will encounter on their long journey there.
Will they reach this new haven?
What is Sam really up to?

And is there truly a safe place that the Tans can finally call home?

Practice Makes Po-fect! Cover

Published: May 2017
ISBN: 879-981-11-3249-0

Po, the Raffles' Banded Langur, has just started climbing but, it is not as easy as it seems! He does not want to be the slowest in his troop anymore, so he goes off looking for his friends for help.
Join Po in his journey as he learns to work hard and never give up!

Egrets Estimated Time of Arrival_mini

Published: May 2016
ISBN: 978-981-09-8973-6

Hello! We're Ellie, Timmy and Alex but you can call us ETA!
We're cattle egrets and right now, we're getting ready to leave!
Where are we going? We're heading south for the winter.
Come join us as we take in the sights and sounds of Southeast Asia on our first ever migration!

A Tale of Two Cats_mini

Published: May 2016
ISBN: 978-981-09-8974-3

In the middle of the night and Gus is fast asleep.
THUMP! THUMP! Who could it be?
Join in the adventure as two strangers meet and learn more about each other and their homes.

A Crab, a Shell, and a little Help_mini

Published: May 2016
ISBN: 978-981-09-8975-0

Hershie the hermit crab has outgrown his shell. With great determination, he embarks on a journey to find a new shell. Along the way, he meets new animals and discovers more than he expected....
Will his efforts finally be rewarded?

or watch here.

2015 Grandpa's Tracks

Published: May 2015
ISBN: 978-981-09-4452-0

With the help of a magical hat,
A strange place Ethan finds himself at.
Follow our hero as he unearths this place,
Where he meets an all too familiar face.
Three friends he will meet,
Who slither, flutter and tweet.
From whom he will learn to appreciate their home,
And all the creatures within it that roam.
Join Ethan as he backtracks into the past,
And learns to love this place at long last!

2015 Eden

Published: May 2015
ISBN: 978-981-09-4453-7

Eden thinks Labrador Park is going to be a boring place - a quiet, lonely and abandoned space. Besides ancient trees, there doesn't seem to be much around to see.
However, the more time she spends there, the more she wants to know. What creatures can grow in this forgotten glade? The park hides many untold stories, with its battered old guns blazing past victories and glories.
With newfound friends, Eden sets off to explore, crossing hills and dales to reach sea and shore.
Let your sense of adventure prevail.
Join her as she wanders on the trail!


2015 A Boar At My Door

Published: May 2015
ISBN: 978-981-09-4454-4

"It has to go. It is a wild boar after all."
Join Billy, a little wild boar, on an exciting adventure after he ends up lost and alone in an unfortunate turn of events.
Journey with him as he tries to find his family, meeting awesome new friends and also a fearsome foe along the way.
Will Billy ever reunite with his missing family and find a home where he truly belongs?

Paddy the Flying Pulai_mini

Published: May 2014
ISBN: 978-981-09-0021-2

Paddy the Pulai is all alone,
Looking for a place to call home!
His adventure is filled with ups and downs.
Will the little seed remain safe and sound?
Who does he meet along the way?
Will he find a place to stay?
A fun-filled journey through the Southern Ridges,
Along with nature and its many riches.
Let's join Paddy on his exciting trip,
open the book and let the pages flip!

or watch here.

2014 Croc

Published: May 2014
ISBN: 978-981-09-0020-5

Cyril's old home has just been destroyed and he is looking for a new place to stay. Chancing upon Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, he begins a journey filled with memorable encounters and unexpected delights, in his quest for a perfect new home.
Join Cyril on his unforgettable quest as he explores Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve with the help of his knowledgeable guide, Kingsley, the Stork-billed Kingfisher!

2014 Monkey Business

Published: May 2014
ISBN: 978-981-09-0019-9

Deep in the forests of Lower Peirce Reservoir, Joe has just found out that something bad has happened to Momo the monkey! What should Joe do to help his friend? Who is the one responsible for Momo's troubles?
Join Joe as he tries to find out what happened to Momo. The culprit may be closer than Joe ever imagined...

2014 I Will Be Clean

Published: March 2014
ISBN: 978-981-07-9240-4

Under piles of garbage and junk, hidden within the darkness of the underground of Lorong Halus, lives a water droplet named Sam.
One day, Sam wakes up to find Lorong Halus transformed into a clean and beautiful place, but he is still as dirty as ever!
Will he remain like this forever? What adventures await him in the new Lorong Halus?
Read more to find out!

2014 Max

Published: February 2014
ISBN: 978-981-07-9097-4

Max is a self-centred boy who dislikes the outdoors. One day, his parents bring him to the forest for a walk, where he finds himself separated from them and plunged into its very depths!
In order to be reunited with them, he has to complete a quest set for him by the Fairy of the Forest.
On this exciting quest, he meets many different plants and animals and he is shown the true beauty of nature. Join him on this exciting adventure and be part of the story yourself!

2013 Ubin

Published: May 2013
ISBN: 978-981-07-6388-6

Pulau Ubin is an island by the sea,
With many things to do and see.
Meet Lloyd, who is visiting it for just one day,
And join him on an adventure along the way!
Meet Tomo, a hornbill who cannot get home,
So now he is upset, cold and all alone.
Will you join Lloyd and help Tomo get home?
What are you waiting for? It's time to roam!

2011 Backyard

Published: November 2011
ISBN: 978-981-07-0359-2

Can a clueless owl find a Tembusu Tree to build his nest in?
Will Froggie discover his talent in time for the talent show?
Will two unlikely friends, Dale and Timothy, find each other again?
And, what surprising find awaits Millie and her friends at the top of the tree?
Little Backyard Tales of MacRitchie is a collection of short animal adventures in the heart of Singapore's Central Catchment Nature Reserve, which is home to an amazing diversity of life.


2010 Terrapin

Published: October 2010
ISBN: 978-981-08-6792-8

A beautiful kingdom, where water meets tree!
Where animals play, and frolic with glee!
Take a dip in the cool waters of MacRitchie,
The adopted home of Terrence the Terrapin.
Follow the adventures of Terrence and his friends as they rid themselves of the danger of the Fish that Walked.



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