2022 Book Launch

Message by Dr Adrian Loo, Group Director for Wildlife Management

The inspirational Mother Teresa had a famous quote, “Do small things with great love”.  I believe in this and what arises from this is something beautiful and far reaching – just like these books.  I am sure the students who wrote these books would have learnt a lot from the experience.  Another saying goes – “when you teach you learn twice”. That is why teachers are so good at what they do.

Having taught at the then Raffles Junior College way back then, I have seen students who have gone through the Eco-Lit programme become very passionate and inspired about ecology, the environment and conservation.  They have gone on to pursue PhDs or work in related areas all for a cause and that is to improve our care of Nature.  How purposeful.  Where did this come from?  Projects such as these excellent series of books not only serve to spread the awareness through a creative way, they would also have touched the students who were part of the process as well.  And at the very heart of this inspirational process are dedicate teachers like Mr Tan Sijie who has seen this process from the very beginning. 

I enjoyed the friendship of the characters shrimp-goby and snapping shrimp, the trials and tribulations of Cally the water spirit and the close-knit family of otters.  These stories create some wonderful teachable moments and touch readers with a wonderful story arc and a dose of good science as well.  It really resonates with our vision of City in Nature and it’s a wonderful thing to have books like that to make the vision more accessible to the young.  Congratulations students and teachers on yet another wonderful series of books this year! 


Dr Adrian Loo
Group Director for Wildlife Management
National Parks Board

Message by Mr Frederick Yeo, Principal of Raffles Institution

The 12th year (2022) of the launch of the Raffles Ecological Literacy (Eco-Lit) 28th, 29th and 30th book titles attests to RI’s unwavering commitment towards promoting sustainability education among our young. In line with our conviction in ensuring a sustainable earth for future generations, such as through the “1823 Trees: Rooting for a Greener Singapore” campaign which RI initiated in August 2021 in conjunction with the RI200 celebrations and in support of NParks’ OneMillionTrees Movement, this year’s EcoLit publications similarly underscore the importance of safeguarding Singapore’s rich biodiversity in our urban built environment for future generations.

From the ubiquitous otters that are often sighted in Singapore’s waterways (“An Outing Like No Otter”), to the many waterways meandering through the heartlands of Singapore and frequented by Singaporeans for walks and runs (as narrated through the story of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in “Wonders of the Waterway”), and the fascinating intertidal shoreline of Changi Beach in “The Terror of the Intertidal”, our students have deftly and astutely conveyed the wonders and beauty of the diverse natural habitats in Singapore, our City in Nature.     

The 28th, 29th and 30th publications have been borne out of our EcoLit students’ hard work, interlaced with passion, conviction and commitment. I would like to commend them for their immense effort in conducting field research, consulting with the experts, and learning new skills such as story scripting, pictorial illustrations and book publication. In the process, they have grown to become more confident and passionate citizens of Singapore, buoyed by their ideals and beliefs in a more sustainable and more beautiful Singapore to benefit future generations.

I would like to convey my deep appreciation to our expert consultants for journeying with our students in their discovery learning – Mr Max Khoo and Ms Yoon Hui Lian from the National Parks Board, and Dr Zeehan Jaafar from NUS. I would also like to specially thank Dr Adrian Loo, NParks’ Group Director for Wildlife Management, for being a steadfast advocate and supporter of RI’s sustainability efforts, in particular the 1823 Trees campaign. Thank you, Adrian for your words of encouragement and affirmation to our teachers and students in this year’s 12th edition of the EcoLit publications.      

As per past practice, RI will be gifting the three Eco-Lit titles to all primary schools in Singapore. Copies will also be made available in the children’s section of the National Library branches.  We hope that this year’s publications will continue to intrigue our young readers in the amazing world of Singapore’s rich natural biodiversity, just like past publications.


Mr Frederick Yeo
Raffles Institution

Authors & Illustrators

Introducing the Authors and Illustrators of the 2022 Eco Lit Books



Authors: Goh Yu Hung, Katelyn Goh Xi-Ern, Sharmaine Lim Yi Xuan, Timothy Chia Zi Xiang, Wong Kai Wen
Illustrator: Katelyn Goh Xi-Ern



Authors: Chai Yue Sophia, Donald Chan Deng Tin, Qian Yunhan, Wang Qirui
Illustrator: Wang Qirui


Authors: Chen Hui Hsuen Letitia, Goh Yi Qing Phylicia, Nurul Huda Binte Husein,
 Ooi Wean See, Sie Jin See Valencia
Illustrator: Chen Hui Hsuen Letitia

2022 Launch Titles

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An Outing Like No Otter


Published: June 2022
ISBN: 978-981-18-4436-2
It was supposed to be an exciting day out for the Ott family, but trouble brews when Ollie gets lost! Will she be able to find her way back?

What other challenges will the Ott family face as they search for Ollie?

Join us as we learn more about how otters live and the challenges they face!

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Wonders of the Waterway

Published: June 2022
ISBN: 978-981-18-4434-8
Oh no! The petals on Cally's flower have fallen, bringing her to a magical and strange new land! How on earth will she get home?

Follow Cally as she travels through Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in search of her beloved flowers, and meet many new friends who help her along the way. Take a trip with them through the ecological and man-made attractions of the park, and discover the hidden natural wonders of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park!

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The Terror of the Intertidal

Published: June 2022
ISBN: 978-981-18-4435-5

Life at Changi Beach has always been peaceful until one fateful day, when disaster strikes, engulfing the intertidal. Stormy is missing and many other creatures are in danger. The community is trapped in a terrible crisis! It is now up to Alphy to help his friends but he encounters various obstacles along the way. Will he successfully fulfil his mission? Who exactly is the culprit? How do we prevent such a catastrope from happening again?

Cruise along the wonders of the intertidal as Alphy attempts to save the day and learn more about the place the creatures call home!


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