600 Days to RI Bicentennial – The Rafflesian Spirit of Serving

It’s 600 days to RI Bicentennial! In the school’s wider narrative of Diversity, Inclusivity and Community Engagement, Rafflesians have been exemplars of the Rafflesian Spirit of Serving through community engagement - in school, through collaborations with our community partners, and for those who have graduated, championing causes close to their hearts. The stories below are but a few projects initiated by Rafflesians that have effected positive change in the community.

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Engineering Good (Johann Annuar, Class of 1990):

Homeless Hearts of Singapore (co-founders Abraham Yeo and Mervin Lee, Class of 1999):

HealthServe (Goh Wei-Leong, Class of 1976/1978) :


The Gryphon Programme, Class of 1992:

Fundraiser for Bizlink Singapore Pte Ltd, Class of 1977/1979:


Raffles Community Advocates:

Raffles Interact:

Class VIA:

Project Honey and Bread:

Heartware Tuition Programme:'s%20Tuition%20Programme%20had,come%20from%20low%2Dincome%20families.


1823 Trees: Rooting for a Greener Singapore campaign:  

If you know Rafflesians who are doing great work in the community, feel free to reach out at [email protected]

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