750 Days to RI's Bicentennial: "The Rafflesian" School Annuals Now Available Online

It's 750 days to RI's Bicentennial!
We are happy to share that The Rafflesian is now available online for you to browse from. The Rafflesian is the school’s annual publication that contains news, events, achievements, students’ articles and school reports. Our collection spans over 130 years, dating as far back as 1886. It is still work in progress and we will be updating our online collection.
We hope that the Rafflesian community will appreciate and find meaning in RI’s rich historical past and heritage through such resources. As a repository of memories, former principal Mr Philip Liau aptly details in the 1969/1970 edition of The Rafflesian that “nothing more comprehensively tells the school's history, or reveals its traditions, or records its achievements, or declares its policies, or flies its standards. Going through the pages yellowed with time, paring over faded photographs of old boys taken in moments that will never be recaptured and in baggy shorts they wouldn't want to be caught dead in again and lingering over the lists of teachers now retired, or forgotten, or buried, gave [me] a feeling of the school and for the school…”
To navigate The Rafflesian Virtual Bookshelf, you can search for the year of the publication that you wish to view, or sort it according to the years in ascending or descending order by clicking on the ‘Name’ button.
You can browse The Rafflesian Virtual Bookshelf here.

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