Learning Journey Day 2019

Year 1 to Year 3 students had the opportunity to go beyond the confines of their classrooms on Learning Journey Day which took place on 28 August 2019.

The Year 1s implemented their Values-In-Action (VIA) projects at various voluntary welfare organisations and senior activity centres. Through project implementation, they had the opportunity to interact with the elderly population in our community.

 The Year Twos had the privilege of visiting the Bicentennial Exhibitions at Fort Canning and the National Museum and gained a better understanding of what we are celebrating as a nation over not just 200 but 700 years of history. The exhibition provided our students with a deeper insight into Singapore’s past and an appreciation of our present. 

The Year 3s were hosted by various organisations ranging from The National Forwarder, Citiponics, Centre for Liveable Cities to DSTA, CNA, WeWorks (to name a few). They were shown a glimpse of the work that they do and were provided an excellent opportunity for our boys to explore possibilities beyond the traditional career paths.

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