Pursuing Passion for Migrant Worker Issues

Congratulations Ms Poh Yong Han (Class of 2015), on being awarded the Rhodes Scholarship! She will be pursuing her PhD at Oxford University next year - she plans to study immigration policy affecting economic migrants and asylum-seeking refugees, as well as transnational migrant brokerage, such as the trend of agents charging migrant workers commission for overseas job opportunities.
She hopes her research can improve living conditions of migrant workers and refugees, and help shift policy to improve the lives of those affected.
She is the first in her family to go to university and is raised by parents and grandparents with a strong work ethic who stressed the importance of humility to her at a young age. She shared that she is reminded by her family to see beyond prestige and be level-headed in her work.
We wish Yong Han the best in her endeavours!

Photo by Straits Times

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