Revised Pre-requisites for O-Level Music/A-Level Music/EMP/MEP admissions

Prerequisites for the Music Elective Programme (MEP) at O-Level
For implementation from 2019
1. Selection for the MEP will be based on musical concepts and skills covered in the Primary Music syllabus, with a competent level of performance skills that can be developed through music CCAs (e.g. display basic fluency and sound fundamental technique) and/or through other musical experiences.

2. All applicants must go through a selection exercise, which consists of a written test and an audition. In the written test, students will listen to short musical extracts taken from both Western and non-Western musical traditions, and respond through a series of short-answer questions. The scope of the questions will include the identification and/or description of the following:

•     Melody (e.g. accidentals, articulation, contour, intervals, mood)
•     Tonality (major and minor), pentatonic mode
•     Harmony (I-V-I)
•     Tempo, Rhythm and Time Signature (simple and compound)
•     Instrumentation  and/or  tone  colour  (description  of  tone  colours  of  musical  instruments from western and non-western traditions, and how they are played)
•     Dynamics
•     Form/Structure (e.g. Binary, Ternary, Rondo, Theme and Variations, Verse and Chorus)

3. For the practical audition, students will be required to perform two contrasting solo pieces on an instrument (e.g. piano, trumpet, rebab, erhu, and sitar) or voice, lasting no longer than 5 minutes in total. Students will also be required to imitate and respond to simple rhythmic and melodic fragments by clapping and singing in the aural test.

4. Applicants who have composed music could bring along their scores/recordings for their interview. Please note that this is not a mandatory requirement.

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