Student Leaders' Conference 2019: Listening with Empathy; Establishing Common Ground

On 8 October, Year 5-6 student councillors and CCA leaders came together to attend the annual Student Leader Conference with the theme: “Listening with Empathy; Establishing Common Ground”. 

We had the privilege of having three Inclusion Ambassadors (IA) from the Disabled People’s Association (DPA) - Mr Iskandar, Ms Lily Goh and Dr Navin Nair who shared insightful stories of their own journey and growth. The students gained a better sense of what inclusivity is really about - more holistic in nature instead of it being a structural issue. 

Following that, there were opportunities to interact with members of the DPA 

and visit various experiential booths that enabled them to learn more about the types of disabilities.

This was a valuable learning point for our Student Leaders as they need to learn how to embrace and diversity in a team. When we can build a community of inclusion among ourselves, we will be able to to work together better to fulfil common goals. This equips our students with the skills to engage others within and outside RI to benefit the larger community.

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