Rafflesian Times: Issue 7

  • 19 Jan 2017


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    Vulnerable and fragile, yet possessed of so much hope and potential, the yellow duckling seems to be an apt metaphor for the push to ease humanity's impact on the environment.

    Take a walk on the night side with our writers around the RI campus as they explore the school’s nocturnal aspect in RAFFLES AFTER DARK. We also talk to a group of Rafflesians who are intensely interested in the night sky – in SPACING OUT!. And while we’re still channeling the ‘Stranger Things’ vibe, check out FROM STRANGERS TO BEST FRIENDS - Jay Hong, Yugesh and Rayner relate their experiences of getting to know their peers from another school.

    In the Spotlight this issue is HATCHING A SUSTAINABLE SINGAPORE, Bernice Ang (RGS’96), Muhd Ibnur Rashad (RI’01, RJC’03) and Peter Goh (RI’01) share with us their understanding of what sustainability might really mean for Singapore.

    Two of our Uniformed Groups held historic celebrations this year – the RI Boys Brigade commemorated their big 25 this year, while the 01 and 02 Scouts, and the RI Scouts Guild held their first combined campfire.

    In October 2015 we bid farewell to a beloved member of the Rafflesian Family, Mr Lam Nam Soon who was not only an old boy but also a teacher in the school for over 30 years and an important mentor and inspiration to many Rafflesians who came into contact with him. We take a look at some of Mr Lam’s highlights in RI in MR LAM: THE RAFFLESIAN THAT NEVER REALLY LEFT. We wrap this issue with an interview with Tengku Sharil, the artist of A Mix, which is featured on the back cover of RT, who discusses topics of identity, culture, race and how these influence and factor into the way he approaches art.

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