Rafflesians have ample opportunity to experience the arts and to express themselves in their chosen areas of artistic interest and talent. Our programmes are ideally suited for developing curiosity, critical acumen and creative drive in today’s students. Our art students receive a humanistic education, coupled with rigorous preparation and practice to grasp the skills and techniques that will form the foundations of their artistic dreams.


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ARTStage 2020

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JOMO - the opposite of FOMO (fear of missing out). Often because of the joy one experiences living in the moment, rather than on their social media feed. See what our young artists and musicians have been up to while they #JOMO, and spend a moment with us enjoying their artistic and musical creations.

Featuring work from:
  • Year 1 - 2 General Art Programme
  • Year 1 – 4 RI Art Elective Programme
  • Year 1 - 2 General Music Programme
  • Year 1 - 4 Music Elective Programme


Singapore Youth Festival 2020

Certificate of Recognition
Arts Presentation 2020 (Visual Arts)

Huang Yi Xuan Loven (3D)
Lee Chong Ray (3G)
Nathanael Tang Kai Zhi (3E)
Jeremy Chua Jun Jie (3A)
Keevan Nash Ganasen (3M)
Deng Zi Xing (3K)
Kyler Peh (3J)
Mihir Girish Bidkar (3G)
Wan Zi Wen Jonathan (4A)
Chai Jiacheng (21S07B) 

The SYF Committee (MOE) has recognised all participants' works as obtaining Level 3 of Achievement (Accomplishment) under LEAPS 2.0 for SYF Art Exhibition 2020

ARTSeason 2019

From high-calibre concerts to special exhibitions and showcases, our annual ARTSeason—held from April to May—is an event where Rafflesians celebrate artistic excellence and cultural diversity.

  • Raffles Rock Rock In 2019
  • RI Piano Ensemble Concert Reverie
  • Raffles Community Advocates event Spark
  • Raffles Street Dance Showcase Homebound
  • Raffles Jazz Concert Manha de Carnaval
  • Raffles Players Production 39 Steps
  • Raffles Chamber Ensemble concert Fantasia 2019
  • Raffles Indian Cultural Society Concert Sangamam 2019
  • Raffles Photographic Society Exhibition Kalopsia
  • Raffles Rock Rock Out: Everafter
  • RI Guitar Ensemble Concert Nami
  • Writers' Guild Anthology Look Upon the Past (Perfect)
  • Raffles Symphonic Band Concert A Tempo XXVIII: Britannia
  • Raffles Runway show RISE
  • CLDCS showcase 擦肩同行 (Voyage)