Year 5-6 Open House 2019: RIpple!

We welcomed many of guests at our Open House for prospective Year 5 (2019) students on 16 January. This year's theme was Ripple—a tongue-in-cheek reference to how some students may come to Raffles feeling like 'a small fish in a big pond', but also reflective of how many different people come together and feel a sense of belonging in our school's ecosystem. The theme is also symbolic of the positive changes that Rafflesians have been able to effect, which spread outwards to reach the wider community.

by Raffles Photographic Society member Ryan Ng


by Raffles Photographic Society member Ting Hou Yee

Visitors enjoyed presentations not just from performing arts groups like Raffles Symphonic Band, Raffles Rock and Modern and Street Dance, but also clubs and sports CCAs like Gavel and Judo.

Seniors shared their Raffles experiences at the Hodge Lodge, while RECAS and the Raffles Entrepreneurs' Network set up an escape room and a school merchandise sales booth respectively.

by Raffles Photographic Society member Ting Hou Yee

Meanwhile, the canteen was a hive of activity with mass dances, cheers and the colourful House processions. Professor Brawn Cafe, a cafe on our campus run by ARC (Autism Resource Centre), also set up a booth to supply visitors with sandwiches, burgers and bubble tea.

cover photo by Raffles Photographic Society member Ting Hou Yee

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