Red Cross Youth (RI Chapter)

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Want to do service but not only service? Red Cross Youth Chapters (RCYC) is the right place for you! We are not only actively involved in serving the community, but also in learning life skills that can help save lives! Unlike its uniformed group counterpart, RCYC provides you with various opportunities to serve the community – not just as a volunteer but also as a part of the organisation committee in service events.

Since RCYC is a CCA affiliated with the Singapore Red Cross, there are many nationwide and international opportunities provided to us by the Red Cross HQ. For example, the Humani-thon where individuals from all over Singapore came to recognise, accept and interpret formidable humanitarian issues such as social exclusion.

If you’ve ever thought of serving your community and making a difference, RCYC is the place for you. So what are you waiting for? Join RCYC and be a part of our family!

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Teacher Mentors

Mrs Yeo Yew Tin
Mr Edmund Kwok

Achievements & Highlights

Inter-JC First Aid competition, Photoquiz 2018
2nd runners up

First Aid Provider for Inter & Intra School Events
i.e. Orientation, Open House

First Aid Provider for General Community
i.e. First Aiders on Wheels

Organised JIP First Aid Workshop for incoming Year 5s
Organised school wide Blood Drives (February & July)
Organised Bone Marrow Donation Drive (April)

Organised weekly services and events for external welfare organisations

  • Weekly service at Good Shepherd Student Care, National Kidney Foundation and Meals-on-Wheels @ TOUCH Community Services
  • Community Projects (i.e. Project RICE)
  • Batch CIP project at Residents Corner (Chai Chee)

Participated in Overseas Humanitarian Programmeto Vietnam