Red Cross Youth (RI Chapter)

2020 RCYC Photo (100820)



Upon joining the Red Cross Youth Chapter (RCYC), you will have the invaluable opportunity to learn and apply First Aid skills that extend beyond theory—to the school, at home, and even to our larger community. After undergoing Standard First Aid (SFA) training, you can apply and hone your skills further when providing first aid coverage at competitions and school-wide events, and also in external events organised by the Red Cross Headquarters such as the First Aid On Wheels (FAOW).

Every individual in the RCYC has a unique service journey. Our outreach to the community centres revolves around contributions to several welfare organisations based on your interest. All members volunteer at a Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) of their choice weekly and also have the chance to initiate and execute their own service project.

As such, the RCYC experience will definitely be a meaningful one: one that allows you to shape and explore your interests in the multitude of unique opportunities provided. RCYC is not just confined to the boundaries of service—rather, it extends its opportunities to widen your global outlook and contribute to causes beyond your immediate community.



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Teacher Mentors

Mrs Yeo Yew Tin
Mr Edmund Kwok

Achievements & Highlights

First Aid Provider for Inter & Intra School Events
i.e. Orientation, Open House, Team Raffles Games 

First Aid Provider for General Community
i.e. First Aiders on Wheels

Organised January Induction Programme (JIP) First Aid Workshop for incoming Year 5 students 
Received Appreciation Award by National Kidney Foundation 

Organised school-wide biannual RI Blood Drives 
• Support publicity for Red Cross HQ blood donation drive during the post-Covid19 period 

Organised weekly services and events for external welfare organisations 
• Weekly service at Good Shepherd Student Care, National Kidney Foundation 
• Batch CIP project at TTSH