Tennis is not just a game of pure power, but also a form of art. Rather than sending ballistic missiles up and down the court, tennis requires a certain kind of elegance. Each point must be delicately crafted to outsmart and outlast the opponent through the use of a variety of shots, be it a lob or a dropshot.

But why would you want to know about this intricate and magnificent sport in such simple terms? Beneath the dull, hard concrete surface lies so much more!

The highlight of the year is the competition season in April. In 2021, despite the strict COVID-19 restrictions, the team was fortunate to get to participate in the preliminary rounds of the inter-school championships and bag a few wins against the other top schools, proving to be a fulfilling season amidst the challenging situation.  



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Training Schedule

(8am to 10am) 

(5pm to 7pm)


Teacher Mentors

Mr Koh Say Yong
Mr Tan Kok Hwee Derek
Mrs Joyce Chua


Achievements & Highlights


Participated in the 2021 National Inter-School A Division Girls’ Tennis Championships.

Participated in the 2021 National Inter-School A Division Boys’ Tennis Championships.