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The Raffles Mathematical Olympiad (RMO), previously Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest (RIPMWC), started in 1996 with the aims to promote interest in Mathematics and develop problem-solving abilities through a friendly competition for MOE Primary School students.


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RMO 2024 comprises two categories - Junior Category for Primary 4-5 students and Open Category for Primary 6 students. There will be two rounds in the competition. 

  Round 1



Online and to be held in respective Primary School premises


20 multiple-choice questions and are same for both Junior and Open Categories


60 minutes

  Round 2



Written and to be held in Raffles Institution


In the Junior Category, there will be 15 short answer questions.
In the Open Category, there will be 7 short answer questions and 4 questions requiring students to show working to justify their answers.


60 minutes

Only the top 2% or (about) top 40 students whichever is lower from the Junior Category and the top 3% or (about) top 60 students whichever is lower from the Open Category from Round 1 will be invited for Round 2. 

Key Dates



  • Registration of students is through their respective MOE Primary Schools. Individual / private registration is not allowed.
  • The registration fee per student is twelve dollars (inclusive of prevailing GST). 
  • There will be no refund of registration fee. 
  • No calculators are allowed for any round of the competition. 
  • The language of the competition will be English. 
  • All decisions made by the organisers shall be final and no discussion or correspondence will be entertained. 


Certificates for RMO 2024
The top 2% will be awarded a Certificate of High Distinction.
The next 13% will be awarded a Certificate of Distinction.
The next 15% will be awarded a Certificate of Merit.
All other participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. 

School Awards for RMO 2024
Team prizes, in the form of certificates, will be awarded to the top 3 schools that score the highest total marks of their top 4 rankers. Schools with less than 4 participants will not be eligible for the team prize.



  1. Can students register as individuals if their primary schools do not take part, or the school does not select them to participate?

    No. Students can only register via their respective primary schools. Please approach the school Mathematics Department for registration.

  2. Do we need to give details of students’ particulars when registration is made?

    Yes. The teacher-in-charge in each school must upload a list of students’ particulars using the registration form in the RMO portal. Schools have the flexibility before the end of registration to amend the list of students.

  3. Can students take part in the competition outside of school?

    No. Teachers would need to help with taking attendance of students during competition day.

  4. I am a teacher experiencing problems in registering for the competition. Is there a help desk?

    Yes. Teachers may refer to User Guide under “Download” section. Alternatively, please contact our technology partner at [email protected]

  5. I am a registered student for the competition but I have not received my login information. How can I receive my login information?

    For 2024, the login information for students would be disseminated via their email from 20 February to 26 February.  If the students do not receive their login information after 26 February, they can check their junk mail folder or spam folder. They can also contact our technology partner at [email protected] for further assistance.

  6. Are there samples of past year questions? How can I get them?

    Yes. The past two-year questions and solutions can be downloaded from our website.

  7. When will Round 1 results be released and how will it be made known?

    Round 1 results would be released 10 days after it has concluded. These will be made known to the schools. Enquiries over the phone regarding results will not be entertained.



Logo and Graphics by: Fang Yao (Class 4H, 2023) and Saw Zhi Yuan (Class 4G, 2023)

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