"To me, RI is about opportunities. Opportunities to do the things you love, opportunities to discover who you are, and opportunities to meet a bunch of really, really amazing people."


RI, 2013

"What's great about Raffles is that ideas don't just remain as ideas. Students have the autonomy to create new initiatives that can really impact the school ... Raffles is a place where ideas can really come alive and make a difference."


RGS 2011; RI 2013

"To me, RI is magical. Anything can happen, and everything does happen, to different, different people. And for me it' s created an amazing experience that I never really expected or imagined, and I don't regret it at all."


RGS 2009; RI 2011

"A student got in on the basis of merit, not his father's status or wealth ... being in RI turned out to be an advantage. I got to know and get along with boys, rich and poor, of various races and cultures, and not only from Singapore, but other parts of Southeast Asia."

Lee Kuan Yew

Singapore's first Prime Minister

"Would that I could infuse into the Institution a portion of that spirit and soul by which I would have it animated, as easily as I could endow it with lands."

Thomas Stamford Raffles

Founder of Raffles Institution